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IPUO Objectives

- a forum for all P-NET users and producers, institutes, and other people interested in the P-NET Fieldbus

    The International P-NET User Organization is established by the pioneers in the P-NET Fieldbus area. The organization is not established as an organization of economic benefits.

    Name: International P-NET User Organization ApS
    Address: P.O.Box 192, DK-8600 Silkeborg, Denmark.

    The object of the organization is declared as follows:

  • to disseminate global information and knowledge of the P-NET standard and its application.
  • to contribute to the determination of technical specifications concerning future development of the P-NET standard.
  • to specify conformance test for P-NET products.
  • to certify P-NET products based on test reports prepared by independent testing laboratories.
  • to list certified P-NET products inclusive of software.
  • to contribute to consolidate the confidence in the P-NET products, by trying to prevent non-certified products from using the P-NET Logo.
  • to contribute to exchange of information among the members by publishing quarterly News Letters with contributions from the members and information of new P-NET products.
  • to contribute to establish local P-NET societies.

    The official language in the International P-NET User Organization is English. All publications use English as the principal language, however, a few publications will also be translated into other languages.

    The above activities will be financed by subscription, making charges for certification and registration, and by selling the P-NET Standard and other reports, etc.

    Companies, institutions and individuals can become members of the Organization. Members are defined as being manufacturers, end-users or institutions.

IPUO Objectives (Pdf, 7 KB)

International P-NET User Organization
P.O. Box 192
DK-8600 Silkeborg
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