The P-NET Fieldbus

Welcome to the official P-NET Fieldbus homepage.

P-NET is a data communication standard, used for industrial automation and
process control applications.

P-NET is part of the International Fieldbus Standard – IEC 61158 Type 4.

Features & advantages of P-NET

  • All nodes are adapted to the same profile
  • All nodes can communicate immediately on the network
  • Very few communication parameters, compared with other fieldbus systems
  • Any P-NET module, including a master, can be powered down or connected to or disconnected from the bus, without interfering with the rest of the bus system
  • No DIP switches for setting of node addresses etc.
  • The P-NET standard consists of data formats for simple as well as complex data types
  • Scaled values are transmitted in SI units on the bus
  • Conclusion: Very simple installation and commissioning

About the International P-NET User Organization

The International P-NET User Organization, founded by the pioneers in the P-NET Fieldbus area, is a forum for all P-NET users and producers, institutes, and other people interested in the P-NET Fieldbus.

The objects of the organization are:

  • to disseminate global information and knowledge of the P-NET standard and its application.
  • to contribute to the determination of technical specifications concerning future development of the P-NET standard.
  • to participate in fieldbus standardization on international level
    (IEC – International Electrotechnical Commision)

The official language in the International P-NET User Organization is English.
All publications use English as the principal language.

Companies, institutions and individuals can become members of the Organization.
Members are defined as being manufacturers, end-users or institutions.