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Besides the standard OLE2 automation method for exchanging data under MS Windows, P-NET drivers for DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) also exist.
Software tools for monitoring and debugging, Graphic Control Systems, tools for down loading programs and for configuration, editors etc. are all available for P-NET.
Process-Pascal is available as a programming tool for P-NET controllers, which isStandard ISO-Pascal with additional facilities for declaring variables on the network, and for task management in a multi-tasking environment. Programs written in Process-Pascal use global P-NET variables as if they were local variables. The only difference is to be found in the variable declaration technique. Multi-tasking facilities are also included in Process-Pascal, providing up to 64 tasks in each master.

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P-NET in General Access to P-NET from PC's
The History of P-NET Software
Application Areas Ease of P-NET Implementation
Principles of P-NET P-NET Architecture
Multi-net Structures Virtual Token Passing
Advantages of the P-NET Protocol P-NET Compared to...
Intelligent P-NET Modules International P-NET User Organization
"Layer 8": P-NET Channel Structure
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