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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (6.99 MB) Central Ventilation
To achieve the superior control of the ventilation system, some complex functions need to be performed. The ventilation system is used for renewing the air in the building and controlling the temperature and humidity.
In the warm summer months, the ventilation system is used to cool down the building at night, when the outdoor air temperature is at its lowest. As the building is thoroughly insulated, the rise in inside temperature during the day is less than 3 degrees celcius. Thus the building is cooled without the need for any energy consuming activity.
This diagram shows the typical variation in the indoor temperature during a hot summer week. The red line indicates the temperature within an ordinary building but the blue line shows the temperature within the intelligent building.
If the humidity in the building is too high, the most efficient reduction is achieved when the difference between the inside and outside temperatures is at its peak. This normally means airation at night.
If the need is to renew the air without lowering the temperature or humidity, the most economic time is when the outdoor temperature is almost equal to the preferred indoor temperature. This is normally the case during the day.
The principles of fuzzy logic are utilised by the controllers, to assess how the various climatic-technical elements of the system should interact.
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