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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (5.0 MB) Central Functions
The distributed slave modules are, by definition, only able to carry out local functions. More complex functions, which may involve numerous modules on the P-NETs, are performed by two PD 5000 controllers incorporating a 68020 CPU. These controllers are downloaded with a Process-Pascal program, which manages the alarm functions, the complicated climatechnical calculations, the velux-windows and curtains, outdoor lighting and so on.
The procedure of enabling the alarm, is a good example of a centrally performed function. The alarm system is divided into sections, which can be independently toggled on and off. When the system is enabled, the chosen section is checked and the Velux-windows are closed. The outer doors, except the one used to leave the building, are locked. On leaving the building, the exit door is automatically locked when it is closed.
The alarm bells are now activated for half a second, to warn anybody left in the building. The lights are then turned off, and after 4 pm, the curtains are closed.
On entering the building, the lights, outlets and curtains are restored to their previous status before the building was vacated.
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