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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (2.2 MB) Weather Station
A wide range of weather data is collected by the system. Wind velocity and direction is passed to inputs on a UPI module.
The wind direction encoder provides a 4 bit Gray-code signal having a resolution of 16 discrete positions. The resultant direction is calculated over a 2 second period, to compensate for sudden small changes.
The wind velocity signal consists of a pulsed frequency of up to 300 Hz. Both the velocity and direction are processed and converted into metric values inside the module. This task is performed using a calculator program, a pulse processor and a lookup table.
Other elements in the weather station include an outside light detector, a temperature and humidity sensor, a rain sensor and a rain gauge.
The most recent weather data is stored in a PD5020 VGA controller, which then graphically displays weather data for the previous 24 hours. The data is also used for the climatic control of the building.
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