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The building is provided with four ventilation units, manufactured by GENVEX. The units are used for ventilation throughout the whole building. Two units are used for the offices, one unit for the printing room, server room, meeting room and toilets, and finally, one is used for the first floor.
Generally, the air vents are large in order to keep the noise level down, and to ensure minimal loss of pressure. The inner skin of the building is used for this purpose.
A gap of 2 centimeters between the ceiling and the outer walls, enables the air to enter and leave the rooms. Air is blown into one side of the room, and is drawn out from the opposite side.
Most of the rooms are supplied with a temperature and humidity sensor, which are connected to a UPI module. These are utilized to fine tune the room atmosphere.
The capacity of the four GENVEX units provides the capability of completely changing the air once every hour. The incoming air is warmed by the outgoing air, using a cross exchanger.
In addition, every GENVEX is equipped with a heating element, which can further increase the temperature of the incoming air. The controlled speed of the ventilation motor is infinitely variable by the use of an analogue output. The temperature of the incoming air and the outgoing air is monitored using analogue inputs, and used for regulation.
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