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Click to play videoclip (9.4 MB) or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. Milk Truck Data Collection System
The Ultrakust Electronic Company in Germany, manufactures P-NET systems for milk trucks.
Each day, milk is collected from several farmers. The system measures the volume, average temperature and pH value of the milk. It also provides automatic control of pumps, valves and other equipment on the truck. All the measured values are logged.
In addition, very small amounts, approx. 20 litres, are collected. The supplier number is automatically read in via a magnetic reader, and is stored with the collection data.
The entire system is based on P-NET. Currently, more than 1000 milk truck systems from Ultrakust are installed worldwide.
A system typically contains 3 or 4 P-NET slave devices, connected to the system master, which contains the main software. The amount collected is measured by means of a magnetic inductive flowmeter having a P-NET interface. The entire system is approved by the German authorities, PTB.
An automatic sampler device continuously takes samples from the collected milk, for later lab tests. The samples are taken by a peristaltic pump, having a stepper motor, which is controlled by P-NET. A barcode on each sample bottle, ensures that the correct association of samples and data can be made later, at the lab.
When the milk is unloaded at the dairy, the driver removes the data cassette, and all the collected data are transferred to the dairy computer system. For the sample bottles, another solid state memory is delivered holding the sampler data for the lab.
More than 1000 systems installed with following specification:
1 Controller with keyboard/display.
1 - 2 Printer for tickets, lab results.
1 - 2 Temperature sensor.
1 - 2 pH sensor.
1 - 2 Magnetic inductive flowmeter.
1 - 24 Digital Input/Output.
1 Magnetic reader Interface to other equipment.
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