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Click to play videoclip (9.4 MB) or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. Cheese Production Plant Control System
MD Food at Rødkærsbro in Denmark is a dairy, which produces cheese. The dairy is among the largest cheese plants in the world. The cheese products are Feta and Mozarella.
The dairy is spread over 9,600m2 and has 140 employees.
Each day, approximately 800,000 litres of whole milk are received and processed for skim milk, cream and cheese milk.
The entire automation of the dairy has been carried out by means of control and supervision systems using P-NET. The automation system has been designed and programmed by SattControl A/S, in Silkeborg, Denmark.
The dairy is split up into a milk reception section, a milk processing section and a cheese processing section. Each section works as independent unit, and are linked together by means of P-NET.
The storage tanks in the milk reception section hold 300,000 litres each.
The milk processing room is equipped with 15 controllers, which are used for monitoring, controlling and as an operator interface.
The operators can select different recipes and various treating lines for pasteurising and homogenising the milk.
50 magnetic inductive flowmeters are installed at the dairy. All the flowmeters are equipped with a P-NET interface.
The system is very decentralised, and the controllers and I/0 modules are located near the sensors, valves and other control equipment.
The motor starters are grouped into a few, but very large panels.
The first P-NET section was installed in 1989, and nearly every year since then, the plant has been extended.
The P-NET cable is installed with the power and signal cables. The signals for motor starters and feedback signal are then connected directly to P-NET interface modules.
The plant has been extended to include a data acquisition system and a service/maintenance system, which are also connected via P-NET. Production runs continuously, 24 hours a day.
Scope of P-NET installation:
2300 Digital Input/Output
130 Analog Input (Pt100, 4-20mA)
40 Controllers with 68000 CPU.
50 Magnetic inductive flowmeters.
27 Weight transmitters for loadcells.
10000 meters of P-NET cable.
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