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Animal Feeding & Climatic Control
This P-NET application was recorded at a pig farm near Hobro in Jutland, Denmark.
Skiold Datamix A/S, in Denmark, manufacturers and installs advanced, fully automatic pig-feeding plants, called MultiFeeder.
Skiold Datamix designs the plants and associated automation, as well as assembling and installing the systems.
The plants are not programmed individually, but a "pipe-diagram" is loaded into a general purpose feeding program.
A number of weighing and mixing tanks, feeding tanks, raw material silos and storage tanks can be controlled by the system.
The composition and amount of feed for the individual pig sties is adjusted automatically using information about the size and type of pigs.
Only 3 people are needed to run the entire farm.
Mixing is performed automatically. The feed for the pigs is distributed via pumps, flowmeters and valves.
The MultiFeeder is provided with a newly developed pipe mouse system, which separates water and feed within the pipes. Therefore the pipes are always left full of water.
P-NET is used for controlling and supervising the many valves, pumps, weigh scales and flowmeters within the plants.
More than 130 complete plants have been installed, and approximately 150 plants are expected to be ordered each year.
Datamix delivers most of the plants within Europe.
The system utilises a built in sow management system, for up to 1000 sows.
With certain valves, a sensor informs the computer that feed is needed.
The system also provides automatic data transfer of administrative data for PC's.
The size of each plant varies, depending on the size of the farm.
The first plant was installed in 1990.
Scope of P-NET installation:
400 Feeding valves
4000 pigs
20 Silos for raw material
1 Controller with 68000 CPU
1 Hand held dataterminal
4 mixers
3 Magnetic inductive flowmeters
4 Weight transmitters for loadcells
1400 meters of feeding pipes

More than 130 "MultiFeeder" installed with following specification:
50 - 1000 Feeding valves
1 - 40 Silos for raw material
1 Controller with 68000 CPU
1 Hand held dataterminal
1 - 4 PC, operator terminal
1 - 8 Mixers
1 - 8 Magnetic inductive flowmeters
1 - 8 Weight transmitters for loadcells
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