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Press release about stepper motor module

New Stepper Motor Controller.

As part of the introduction of their new Stepper Motor Controller module, PROCES-DATA has sent out the following information to the press:

"1.8 A Stepper Motor Controller/Driver has 13 KHz step rate.

The PD 626 is a low cost integrated controller and driver for stepper motors. It is the latest addition to the M36 family of DIN rail mounted, clip-together P-NET process control modules from PROCES-DATA. The unit directly drives a unipolar stepper motor requiring up to 1.8 A per winding. For larger stepper motors the PD 626 can be used as a controller for an external grey-code driver. The module takes care of ensuring that defined levels of acceleration or deceleration to reach a specified target position, or target speed up to 13,000 steps/sec. are met. All parameters are set via the P-NET (IEC 61158/4) fieldbus interface. A 32-bit step position register together with a comparing set point register, provides precise position control over 2 billion step positions in each direction. For a 1.8 deg. step motor this means a repeatable control range of 10 million revs. The controller can be configured for half or full stepping with one or two phases. Two high-speed digital inputs enable dynamic control of starting and/or stopping the motor to be configured."

Follow the link below to see the full version of the press release: http://www.proces-data.com?/53/00S001P1D5/LH410-01/Description_ENG.htm

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