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Some while ago, The CRC Press, a technical publishing company, approached the IPUO for a descriptive contribution about the workings and usage of the P-NET fieldbus, for inclusion in their forthcoming "Industrial Communication Technology Handbook" . The task of writing that requested chapter was completed last year, but the handbook has only been recently published.

Companies using P-NET may find the contents about P-NET a useful reference about the general techniques and applications to which this standardised fieldbus has been put. Indeed, it may be useful as an introduction to P-NET for both colleagues and potential customers. However, there may be other reasons to justify the purchase of this tome. The handbook is divided into two parts, dealing with "Basics of Data Communication and IP Networks" and "Industrial Communication Technology and Systems". The latter part having five sections applying to: Field Area and Control Networks, Ethernet and Wireless Network Technologies, Linking the Factory Floor with the Internet and Wireless Fieldbuses, Security and Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks, and finally, Applications of Networks and Other Technologies. Not only does this reference book provide descriptions about the other fieldbus types, but also tells the story of how fieldbus technology evolved and how the standardisation process initially took place. More importantly, it highlights the on-going process of standardisation, especially with respect to Real Time Ethernet (RTE), with which P-NET and the IPUO is heavily involved. This news-brief should in no way be regarded as an advertisement since the IPUO are not commercially involved. We are merely bringing to members attention the availability of a quality reference handbook on the subject of Industrial Communications, which would enhance the book shelves of any company or institution library. The ISBN is 0 - 8493 - 3077 - 7 and additional information can be found via this link.

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