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P-NET was conceived in 1983. The first product using this multi-master Fieldbus was launched in 1984.

The multi-network and multi-port functions were added to the protocol specification in 1986. The first operational P-NET multi-port product was produced in 1987.

The P-NET standard became an open and complete standard in 1989, for adoption worldwide.
Due to an increasing interest in P-NET, the International P-NET User Organization was formed a year later.

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P-NET in General Access to P-NET from PC's
The History of P-NET Software
Application Areas Ease of P-NET Implementation
Principles of P-NET P-NET Architecture
Multi-net Structures Virtual Token Passing
Advantages of the P-NET Protocol P-NET Compared to...
Intelligent P-NET Modules International P-NET User Organization
"Layer 8": P-NET Channel Structure
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