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Although most of the functions in the system are controlled automatically, a lot of human preferencies still have to be made. Compact PD 4000 P-NET controllers are used for this purpose. A number of these controllers are positioned around the building, and each one is customized to deal with appropriate functions relevant to a particular area of the building. These functions might be common tasks, such as operating windows or curtains, but could include more specific functions, such as lowering the screen in the conference room or customizing a preferred gradient of the lighting. Useful data, such as the room temperature and humidity, can also be locally displayed.
General access to the elements on the P-NET is achieved using a PD 5020 controller, which provides a connection to a mouse, keyboard and a graphical VGA monitor. Symbols drawn on the screen can then be assigned to specific data available within the P-NET system. This provides a very intuitive interface to whatever part of the system is of interest. The system is optimized for speed of response.
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