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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (2.8 MB) Velux Windows
All Velux-windows in the building are electrically controlled. Each window is supplied with a 24 Volts DC motor. Two outputs from a module are used, one for activation and one for direction.
PROCES-DATA’s modules have the inherent ability to measure the current through the outputs. The output can thus be configured to switch off when a given current is exceeded. This facility is used to deactivate the motor, as soon as the current rises when the window reaches one of it’s two extreme positions.
In addition, windows are supplied with a reed-switch, to indicate whether the window is actually closed or not.
As a special function, the module is also able to measure the time it takes to fully open the window from the closed position, thereby enabling the user to open the window to a preferred percentage.
A rain detector is connected to a P-NET module. So should the windows happen to be open when it starts to rain, they are closed immediately.
The data used for the automatic control of the Velux-windows, is collected by various modules connected to P-NET. A controller gathers this information and then performs the necessary regulation.
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