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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (2.4 MB) Zone Thermostat
Every radiator is supplied with a thermostat incorporating a remote sensor. This sensor has a small built in heating element, which is able to warm up the sensor by up to 10 degrees celcius. It is therefore possible to fool the sensor into measuring a higher room temperature than actually exists, and by this means, the radiator can be regulated.
The heating element is connected to a digital output configured for duty-cycle control from 0 to 100 %. This provides a temperature variation control of 0 to 10 degrees celsius. This function is used at night and during air conditioning.
Each window is provided with a small switch, which is used to indicate whether the window is open. If this the case, the surrounding radiators are automatically turned down.
Regulation is performed locally by a PD 3120 Digital I/O. However, it is still possible to upload setpoint temperatures and read the status of the window switch, for perhaps alarm purposes, from any P-NET master on the network.
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