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Click to play videoclip or 'Right click' and choose 'Save target as' to download. (4.5 MB) Heat Exchange Control
The building is heated by the district hot water supply. As a safety precaution, the central heating installation is isolated with a heat exchanger, in order to reduce any damage caused by possible leaks occuring in the pipe systems.
The temperature of the piped water is measured in four positions. Two of the measurements (district heating return and secondary forward) are used to regulate the flow, in order to maintain set point temperatures. The remaining temperature measurements are purely for monitoring purposes.
Flow is controlled by a motorised valve on the primary side of the heat exchanger. On the secondary side, a PD 340 flowmeter is used in conjunction with an intelligent pump, to measure and regulate the flow and pressure of the water.
Everything is connected to a PD 3221 UPI, which in turn is connected to P-NET cabling within the building.
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