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PROCES-DATA A/S has constructed a new building for administration and development activities.
The fact that PROCES-DATA originally developed the P-NET Fieldbus, which is now part of the International fieldbus standard - IEC 61158, Type 4 - as well as of the European fieldbus standard - EN 50170 Vol. 1, it was a natural consequence to automate the new facility using P-NET. By using the P-NET Fieldbus, with it’s inherent support for distributed systems, the new building has become intelligent.
P-NET has been applied in the areas of control, regulation and supervision of all the installed electrical, mechanical and climatic control equipment. Furthermore, P-NET is an integrated part of the Company’s PC network, such that telephone, fax, and other electrical equipment, combined with fire and security alarm processes, to become a consolidated automated building solution. In addition, a number of PC software utilities provide the ability for any building control to be accessible from any of the work stations on the network.
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