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Fully Automated Car & Passenger Ferry in Holland
This ship runs between the island of Texel and Den Helder in Holland.
The ship is called "M/S SCHULPENGAT", and it is owned by TESO, Texel Eigen Stroomboot Onderneming. The ferry was build in 1990 at Verolme Shipyard Heusden.
The automation system is designed and programmed by IPH in Denmark. The automation is performed by means of P-NET modules.
Having a length of 110.4 m, a width of 18.7 m, and a designed draft of 3.8 m, the ferry has a capacity of 1320 passengers and 245 cars.
The actual crossing only takes 20 minutes.
The entire system is grouped into 19 sub-systems, each dealing with their own specific functions on the ferry.
Two redundant graphical PC supervision systems, each having its own PC network, are connected to the P-NET.
The IPH system includes a number of subordinate data acquisition and control systems, based on the IPH Marine Automation System, MAS. These systems are interconnected via two double redundant local P-NET networks.
The ship uses a diesel electrical principle, with six diesel generators sets for the propellers.
Each of the six engines are controlled, and incorporates an engine safety system.
The 4 electric propellers operate using 3000 volt, 720 Amp.
The generator connection system and circuit breakers are controlled in two separate switchboard rooms.
The ferry and equipment is classed by Lloyds Register of Shipping.
More than 50 complete ship systems are installed world wide by IPH.
Scope of P-NET installation:
1020 Digital Input/Output
480 Analog Input (Pt100, 4-20mA)
23 Controllers with 68000 CPU.
2 Redundant P-NET networks.
19 Sub-systems.
2 PC graphic systems,
14 PCs
700 meters of P-NET cable.
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