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Fiscal Metering on Oil Distribution Truck
The Ultrakust Electronic Company in Germany, produces data acquisition and control equipment for oil trucks.
The modular systems on oil trucks provide a number of benefits to the truck operator. The system includes control of pumps and valves, and logs all the measured values.
The pump is activated via a small control panel. The entire system is based on P-NET. More than 500 systems have been installed on trucks in Germany, and more than 120 systems are expected to be installed each month.
Various mineral oil products are delivered to both petrol stations and smaller garages, as well as private individuals.
The delivery quantity is continuously measured by means of a calibrated mechanical flowmeter. The actual temperature continuously compensates the measured volume. The system is approved by the German authorities, PTB.
Having all the measured values available in an on board computer, the data can be used to print invoices immediately.
A machine readable giro deposit slip is also printed out. All the data are logged, which can then be used by administrative systems.
More than 500 systems installed with following specification:
2 Controller with keyboard/display.
1 Printer for invoices/delivery.
1 Temperature sensor.
1 Mechanical flowmeter.
1 - 24 Digital Input/Output.
Automatic logbook.
Interface to other equipment.
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