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Fuel Management
British Rail has built a new commuter train servicing depot at Aylesbury in the U.K. This project is a Fuel Monitoring and Inventory Management System and is the first of a number of sites currently being planned by British Rail.
The system meters fuel oil (diesel) to power the trains, lubrication oil for the vehicle engines, and glycol for engine coolant, as antifreeze.
The fuelling of a train is monitored and recorded. The operator is prompted for a train identity, before fuelling can commence.
The installation is scattered over a wide area and has 21 sub-networks and a primary network. 24 controllers are used for monitoring, controlling and as operator interfaces.
Tank levels are measured for a stock management system. Temperature measurements are included, to compensate for expansion.
Numerous turbine flow meters are connected to P-NET interface modules. Within these modules, linearising and temperature compensation of flow signals are performed.
The automation system was designed and configured by FMA (Flow Measurement and Automation) Ltd., in Berkshire, England.
The plant is equipped with a colour graphics system, also connected via P-NET. This graphic control system is used for supervisory control, tank management and report generation.
Scope of P-NET installation:
45 Digital Input/Output
16 Analog Input (Pt100, 4-20mA)
24 Controllers with 68000 CPU
24 Intelligent flowmeters
21 Sub networks, 1 primary
1 Colour graphic system
1500 meters of P-NET cable
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