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Concrete Industry
Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S in Denmark manufacturers machinery, equipment and complete plants for the concrete industry.
Concrete is mixed using read in recipes, consisting of sand, cement, water and different additives.
Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S designs the automated plants and as well as well as assembling and final installation.
The plants are not programmed individually, but the very often complex, pipe and machine diagram is loaded into a general purpose concrete program.
The ingredients are automatically weighed out from a number of silos, e.g. to a hoist, which is filled from a weighing belt.
When the hoist is filled, it is transported to the top of the mixer.
The hoist is unloaded and water is added at the same time.
P-NET is used for the control and supervision of the many conveyor belts, mixers, valves, pumps, load cells and flowmeters incorporated within the plants.
A number of communication units are connected to the P-NET. These units are distributed throughout the entire plant, and are used for ordering.
A P-NET controller controls the entire plant, as well as automatic data transfer of administrative data for PC's.
The motor starters are installed in a centralised panel.
Load cells are connected to weight transmitters. All control modules, including weight and flowmeter transmitters, have built-in P-NET interfaces.
The concrete is internally handled by means of conveyors, to a tiling machine. The tiles are automatically palletised.
More than 80 complete plants have been produced using P-NET. Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S delivers most of their plants throughout Europe. The first plant was installed in 1984.
Scope of P-NET installation:
100 Digital Input/Output
2 Analog Input (Pt100, 4-20mA)
1 Controller with data screen
2 Magnetic inductive flowmeters
8 Communication units
10 Weight transmitters
800 meters of P-NET cable

More than 80 systems installed with following specification:
50 - 300 Digital Input/Output
0 - 12 Analog Input (Pt100, 4-20mA)
1 - 4 Controllers with data screen
1 - 8 Magnetic inductive flowmeters
1 - 30 Communication units
3 - 20 Weight transmitters
100 - 1000 meters of P-NET cable
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